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Advantages of using Elgeeco squirrel traps

This Elgeeco squirrel trap has the optional Refuge Cage attached below the floor door.

Elgeeco squirrel trap and refuge cage

Patented Elgeeco Squirrel Trap and Birdfeeder

Elgeeco Squirrel Trap with Bird Feeder

Elgeeco Squirrel Traps

Unlike other traps, the Elgeeco is set up off the ground on a tree trunk, the side of a fence or building.

The cage is made with 2 mm diameter wire, fully welded for strength and rigidity. It is zinc plated after manufacture to provide weather protection and a quality finish.

A stainless 220 mm peanut bird feeder is included.

29 mm clear holes in the 31 mm specially made square mesh allows small birds, such as tits and finches, to enter and leave easily without feeling confined.

Single catch and single top entry with self closing and self locking spring loaded top entrance door.

Separate hinged floor door for removing animals and attaching an optional Refuge Cage or Dispatch Cage.

Grey squirrels have excellent vision and when used in a loft near a dimmed light squirrels will be attracted to the food in the feeder and not only have to rely on their sense of smell to find the bait.

A strong carrying handle is also provided.

Dimensions: 220 mm x 220 mm x 380 mm.

Approximate Weight: 1.00 Kilo

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Refuge Cage & Dispatch Cage