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Procull Squirrel Trap

Procull Humane Dispatch Grey Squirrel Trap
The Procull Humane Dispatch Squirrel Trap can be located on the ground, on the side of a fence or on a tree.  Designed and manufactured in the UK; Patented GB2523384.  Tested against the latest International Humane Trapping Standards, the Procull was granted ‘Approved’ status by DEFRA in March 2016 for use against grey squirrels in England.

Although it may look like a cage trap, the Procull has been developed to deliver a very quick and humane kill..  Grey squirrels are a non-native species within the British Isles, making it illegal to release any live captured individuals back into the wild.  The Procull is the ideal choice for those who are concerned about the humane dispatch of grey squirrels.

The design includes several innovative features to make the trap simple, safe and effective to use:

  • Self contained in its own integral mesh cage with baffles to guide the squirrel to the strike position for the optimum humane kill.  No need to build your own tunnel nor worry about correctly orienting the squirrel into the target area.

  • Integral setting lever allows the two powerful killing springs to be engaged AFTER you have baited and set the trap, thus allowing you to position and adjust the trigger in complete safety.

  • A Pendulum trigger means that the trap is very versatile and can be used inside and outside and mounted horizontally or vertically, either way up on a fence, in a tree or on the ground.

  • Easily camouflaged with local materials such as twigs and leaves entwined in the cage walls or simply covered with sacking or plastic.
DEFRA Approved Humane Dispatch Squirrel Trap
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