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Foldable Larsen Clam Trap Foldable Corvid Clam Trap

Larsen Foldable Clam Catching Cage

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Price includes wood split perch

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Elgeeco Top Entry Cube Trap

 Comprises a foldable flat pack design top entry cage with an additional side door for safely removing captured birds.

The top entry doors are closed by an innovative cage floor release which eliminates the need for a separate wood perch and also reduces the risk of accidentally trapping birds between the doors.

Foldable Top Entrance Cube Trap for Magpies

 Foldable Cube Trap


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Patent No GB2535786

Larsen Trap Catching Cages

The Elgeeco clam action catching cages can be positioned in numerous configurations around the decoy cage or they can be employed separately in different locations with more chances of catching.  They are also considerably more portable and less likely to be seen and stolen than ordinary Larsen traps.

Their superior effectiveness is due to the open top and sides of the separate clam catching cages.  Birds are more likely to enter because they think they can hop on and off the perch and leave through the open top or the opposite open side.

Standing Cube Traps beside the decoy compartment of Larsen Traps provides additional and alternative catching capability.