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The Kania 2000 trap includes a very strong spring that delivers a humane kill.  This trap also provides a high degree of safety for the trapper when setting.  It is shown in the photo with the Elgeeco restricted access tunnel fitted in front of the entrance.

In order to comply with The Spring Traps Approval legislation, the Kania 2000 trap must have an appropriate tunnel fitted in front of the entrance in many outside situations.

Kania 2000 Squirrel Trap with entrance protection tunnel

Elgeeco Kania Tunnel

Hinged part-width entrance door allows user to adjust the restricted access entrance between 5 cm and 13 cm wide

Size: 13 cm x 9 cm x 15 cm

Material: 13 mm square x 1.6 mm

Welded square mesh

Finish: Black coated.

Kania 2000 Trap

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