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Elgeeco Fenn Cage

The Elgeeco Fenn Trap Cage

Elgeeco Fenn Trap Cage
The vermin entrance can be positioned at the side, the top or bottom to accommodate all trapping situations.

The elgeeco Fenn trap cage is portable and convenient for use on or off the ground.

When covered with a used plastic sack or bin liner, and weighted down if necessary, it provides a secure location for Fenn traps in and around livestock buildings.

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Each Fenn Cage supplied with a reusable plastic zip door tie

Fenn - Cage Specification


150 mm x 150 mm x 200 mm (6 ins x 6 ins x 8 ins)


25 mm x 25 mm x 2.0 mm Welded square mesh

Finish: Zinc plated;  Weight: 0.5 Kilo

The Elgeeco designed Fenn Cage incorporates a full width hinged access door and a restricted access vermin entrance.

Fenn Cage with a Mk 4 Fenn Trap  

Elgeeco Fenn Cage with Mk4 Fenn Trap

Fenn Cages

£10.00 each

Plus P&P

6 x Fenn Cages
Plus P&P

Fenn Cage

Complete with a

Genuine Mk 4 Fenn Trap

£17.95 each

Plus P&P

6 x Fenn Cages

Each complete with a

Genuine Mk 4 Fenn Trap

Plus P&P

Fenn Cage and Mk 4 Fenn Spring Trap

Covered Fenn cage with entrance hole against wall bottom left

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