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Mk 4

Mk 6

Genuine Approved Fenn Traps

Genuine Approved Fenn Trap Mk 4 x 6 £51.00Genuine Approved Fenn Trap Mk 6 x 6 £54.00

Mk 4 Fenn spring traps are approved for:
Grey squirrel, weasel, rat and mouse.

Mk 6 Fenn spring traps are approved for:
Rabbit, mink, grey squirrel, weasel and rat

Fenn Trap Advice

To ensure Fenn Traps are effective, they must be positioned so that target animals pass between the traps jaws rather than across the ends of the jaws. It is therefore a legal requirement within the UK that when Fenn Traps are set they must be placed inside an appropriate size natural or artificial tunnel or a purpose made container such as the Elgeeco Fenn Cage.

It is known that some Fenn traps on sale in the UK are imported and are not UK approved. Their use is illegal within the UK.